Salesforce Integration

Breakout Room integrates seamlessly with Salesforce's forms, enabling customers to submit screen recordings of their issues along with their support requests.

To enable Breakout Room for Salesforce, just follow these steps:


  1. Add Breakout Room's external javascript to your form pages:
    1.   <script id="br-ss" src=""></script>
  2. Add the Breakout Room javascript API script to your form page. (Use the script included in the attached salesforceCaseForm.html example.) 
  3. Make sure to create a new form field in Salesforce. This should be a "URL" form field. Breakout Room will use this to append the final URL of the screen recording that the customer submits.
  4. Locate the javascript function, and switch the  #salesforceID with the ID of the form field that you created to hold the screen recording URL the user creates.
    1.  $('#salesforceID').val(data.videoUrl);
  5. To your form, add this element wherever you would like the screen recording button to appear:
    1. <div id="replaceField"></div>
  6. Your customers should now be able to submit screen recordings, and those recordings will display within Salesforce after submission.



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