Video Recovery

Sometimes, a recording cannot successfully upload to Breakout Room's servers. Common reasons for this include:

  1. The user does not have an internet connection
  2. WiFi only-upload option was enabled, and the user was not on WiFi

If a recording is not successfully uploaded, Breakout Room can recover and upload these videos the next time the user opens your app. You can configured the Video Recovery settings under Settings->Screen Recording in Breakout Room.

The options include:

  • Delete - Breakout Room will immediately delete, and not upload, any videos from previous app sessions.
  • Upload immediately - Breakout Room will immediately upload any recovered videos when the user opens your app again.
  • Upload on next app background - Breakout Room will upload recovered videos the next time the user opens your app and then places the app in the background. The recovered video will not be uploaded until the app is placed in the background.


Maximum Recovery Attempts

Breakout Room will attempt to recover and upload videos up to 5 times before deleting the video.

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