Installing the Zendesk app

Breakout Room's Zendesk app is available in the Zendesk Marketplace.

1. In Zendesk, navigate to Admin->Apps->Marketplace.

2. Search for "Breakout Room" and then install the app.

3. Under "App Settings," you will need to add your Breakout Room identifier key. This can be within your Breakout Room application under Settings->Screen Recording->Breakout Room Application Token. 


4. Next, you'll also need to add the Breakout Room Custom Ticket Field ID. This can be found under Admin->Manage->Ticket Fields. Locate the "Screen Recording URL" field (or create it as a "Text" field if you haven't, yet) and click "Edit." The Custom Field ID is shown at the top of the page.


5. Lastly, your Zendesk agents can now create their own Breakout Room accounts. We associate each account with the email address for each agent in Zendesk. If a Zendesk agents has not used their email address to log into Breakout Room, they can create their account within Zendesk. Agents will be able to use the password they enter to also log into Breakout Room.



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