How to use screen recording

Using Breakout Room's screen recording with Zendesk is simple.

  1. Navigate to your Zendesk new request page
  2. Click "Record Screen"
  3. Click the "Start Recording" button
    • If this is your first time creating a screen recording, you will be asked to install our Screen Recording plug-in for your browser. You will only need to complete this one time.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions, and navigate to the App store for your browser. Once you install the screen recording plug-in, you'll be able to start your recording.
  4. Select the screen you'd like to record. 
    • Google Chrome Users: Select the screen or specific application you'd like to record. If you select a screen, anything appearing on that screen will be recorded. If you select an application, only activity within that application will be recorded.
    • Mozilla Firefox Users: Select the screen you'd like to record. If you only use one computer monitor, select "Screen 1." If you are using multiple computer monitors, you can choose to record "Screen 1" or "Screen 2." Screen 1 will always be your primary monitor, while Screen 2 will be your secondary monitor.
    • Optionally: Also enable "Record Microphone," and Breakout Room will also record audio from your computer's microphone.
  5. Breakout Room will now record your screen.
  6. Once recording is complete, click the "Stop Recording" button
  7. Breakout Room will now process your recording. Once complete, it will display a URL to view your final recording. You can visit that URL to view your recording. If you're satisfied with your recording, click "Save Recording." If you'd like to remove your recording, click "Start Over."
  8. Finally, Breakout Room will attach the recording to your support ticket. When you're satisfied, close the screen recording window. Your recording will remain attached to the ticket.
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