Installing screen recording with Zendesk request pages

Installing Breakout Room’s screen recording in your Zendesk request pages is simple. You can add screen recording to any New Request page in Zendesk.

    1. Navigate to “Customize Design” in Zendesk’s knowledge base
    2. Click “Edit Theme”
    3. Edit your “New Request” template
    4. Add your Breakout Room javascript to the very bottom of the template page
      1. Your javascript can be found in Breakout Room under Settings->Screen Recording
    5. Next, navigate to the “Agent View” in Zendesk.
    6. Create a custom Ticket Field entitled “Screen Recording URL”
      1. This should be a "Text" ticket field
      2. The "Visible" field should be checked.
      3. The "Editable" field should be checked.


Adding the Breakout Room screen recording javascript to the "New Request Page"



Example of "Screen Recording URL" ticket field in Zendesk


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